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100 Good Names for Female Tortoises

Last Updated on September 7, 2023 by Samantha Harris

Every pet has a name, and your cute female tortoise deserves one.

Even though finding a sweet name for your girl tortoise might be difficult at first, it’s your chance to have fun and bond with your pet as you play around with the different ideas that enter your mind.

The name should match your new friend’s personality and unique character, so this naming ceremony would be your chance to learn more about your pet tortoise.

Tortoises respond to their names based on your tone of voice. So, you must pick a name that’s easy to say, fun to repeat, and simple to understand.

Best Female Tortoise Names

Some tortoises can live for up to 100 years, depending on their species and how well you care for them. Your chosen name will continue for decades, making it an important decision.

This list is divided into several sections, covering different categories and themes to make deciding a good name for a girl tortoise easier.

TV-Inspired Names

Tortoises have been featured in movies and TV series long before keeping them as pets became popular. Picking up a TV-inspired name sounds like a great idea, especially if you’re a movie lover.

Many tortoise-centric TV shows and video games predominantly feature male tortoises, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with feminine alternatives. You can draw inspiration from a popular cartoon show, a film you longed to watch, or the latest anime series.

Below is a list of names that would fit lady tortoises perfectly:

  • Lenna – Feminine version of Leonardo.
  • Mary J – After the Spiderman love interest.
  • Donashella – Feminine version of Donatella.
  • Rafaela – A name fit for a princess.
  • Tyanna – A leading character in Game of Thrones.
  • KitKat – A funny, perfect fit for a smaller tortoise with quick feet.
  • Lady Bertha – A great name for a regal, older tortoise.
  • Medusa – An intriguing name, perfect for a colorful tortoise.
  • Rebel – Great name for a cute but stubborn tortoise.
  • Ernie – One of the cutest, tortoise-like names on TV.
  • Ainsley – A cute name, perfect for younger, smaller tortoises.
  • Bonnie – A good name for older tortoises.
  • Florence – Works well if she’s colorful and cheerful.
  • Dora – If she likes to explore.
  • Hermoine – If you are a Harry Potter fan.
  • Indiana – After the main character of the adventuring classic.
  • Penny – Ideal for itty-bitty tortoises.
  • Laurel – The name of many TV and movie characters.
  • Thelma – One of the two main characters in the 1991 American film Thelma and Louise.
  • Louise – A character in the film, Thelma and Louise.
  • Mindy – The real name of Kelly Kapoor from The Office.
  • Akito – The name of a character in the old anime film “Fruits Basket.”
  • Wasp – A mainstay character in the Marvel comic series.
  • Peggy – She’s a regular in Marvel Comics.
  • Phoenix – The name of a bird in Greek mythology that couldn’t die.
  • Kira – A big part of the popular manga series called Death Note.
  • Hela – The name of the Asgardian Goddess Of Death, who also appears in Marvel Comics.
  • Storm – The name of the headstrong Marvel character.
  • Sif – The name of an ancient Norse Goddess and a feature in Marvel Comics books.
  • Starbuck – A character in several iconic films, including “Moby-Dick” and “Fire Bringer.”

Sci-Fi Names

Tortoises and science fiction are almost inseparable. After all, tortoises are the longest-living land animals in existence today. The mystery behind their long lifespan should be enough reason to give your female tortoise a sci-fi name.

Look no further if you’re a fan of science-fiction shows and comics. Your girl tortoise can carry one of these adventurous titles for decades.

Besides, if your tortoise is fast aging, like the sulcata (the fastest-growing tortoise in the world), you may choose multiple names to cover different stages of your pet’s life.

  • Leeloo – One of the stand-out characters in the classic film Fifth Element.
  • Leia – One of the main characters in Star Wars, and a name that almost everyone would recognize.
  • Spot – A fictional puppy’s legacy name but can still work for a lady tortoise.
  • Pixel – The smallest element in a display screen.
  • Chewie – The beloved Star Wars character.
  • Apollo – The name of a space shuttle
  • Kess – The name of both a car software company and a futuristic Toy and Games developer.
  • Troi – The empathetic character in Star Trek.
lady tortoise names

Funny Names

Your female tortoise won’t jump at you or run towards you when you come home from work or school, but this doesn’t mean she’s not fun to be around. Consider giving her a funny name that reflects her personality.

A tortoise’s hearing differs from ours, relying mostly on low-register sounds and vibrations to navigate the world. So, choosing a name that’s easy to say in a deep voice is a good idea.

If it’s a funny name, and you normally have a high-pitched voice, that makes it even more hilarious.

  • Foofoo – A funny way to write fufu, an African/Caribbean food.
  • Whoopi – An American female comedian.
  • Mama – A comedic name for an older lady.
  • Skittles – A popular candy and also slang for many things, including casual chess games.
  • Gertie – A hilariously grandma-ish name.
  • Pickles – Pickled vegetables aren’t the tastiest, but the name sounds funny when aimed at a pet.
  • Nacho – Arguably the most delicious food to come out of Mexico and Texas.
  • Bubbles – Sounding cute on a baby tortoise.
  • Ladybug – The name given to extremely small beetles in North America.
  • Wiggles – Small movements on all sides. It’s a great name for a lady that’s difficult to get a hold of.
  • Toast – Food, particularly bread or cheese, cooked to a brown color.
  • Gummy – An adverb for things that are sticky or viscous. It can be given to extremely slow tortoises.
  • Berry – A small, juicy, and usually soft and juicy fruit.
  • Peevy – A person or animal with natural inclinations to irritate or annoy people.
  • Marie – The French version of ‘Mary.’
  • Tabby – A cat, usually gray or brownish, with dark stripes all over its body.
  • Beeper – Implies that the holder makes a lot of noise.

Celebrity Names

Naming your tortoise after your favorite celebrity can be a source of joy. That’s especially true since many tortoises have been celebrities themselves. Consider:

  • Lonesome George (a decades-long poster boy for conservation)
  • Jonathan (the world’s oldest tortoise at 190 years)
  • Esmeralda (the world’s biggest and heaviest free-roaming tortoise)

While these are all male tortoises, there’s no saying your female tort can’t be newsworthy someday. With that in mind, give her a name reflecting her star potential.

  • Ellen – For the TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres.
  • Chrissy – For the American model and actress Chrissy Teigen.
  • Kylie – For the American model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner.
  • Asia – For the American singer-songwriter Asia Cruz.
  • Eva – For the internationally acclaimed actress Eva Green.
  • Oprah – For the TV personality Oprah Winfrey.
  • Jenny – Inspired by the famous musician and actress Jennifer Lopez.
  • Scarlett – For the actress Scarlett Johansson.
  • Paris – For the internationally acclaimed model and entrepreneur Paris Hilton.
  • Bambi – For the American model, Bambi Benson.
  • Isaboo – Inspired by the American actress Isabel May.
  • Megan – For the American model and actress Megan Good.
  • Katy – Borrowed from the American singer-songwriter Katy Perry.
  • Mandy – For the American singer and songwriter Mandy Moore.
  • Jessica – For the American actress Jessica Alba.
  • Ferg – For the American singer-songwriter Fergie Duhamel.
  • Pearl – For the African-American author Pearl Cleage.
  • Sienna – For the famous actress Sienna Miller.
  • Serena – For the world-famous tennis player Serena Williams.
  • Miley – For the American singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus.
  • Riri – Nickname for the internationally acclaimed singer Rihanna.
  • Pink – Inspired by the American pop singer-songwriter Pink.

Exotic Names

Tortoises are among the most exotic pets in the world, so it’s unsurprising if you choose to give your girl tortoise an exotic name.

The best part is that most exotic names are rare and can easily stick in the heads of everyone who hears them. To honor the foreign origins of your tortoise, consider the following:

  • Afiya – A Swahili/Arabic word for ‘health.’
  • Cion – An alternative name for the bud of a plant.
  • Adi – Means’ jewel’ in Hebrew.
  • Basil – Name of a sweet-smelling plant found in Asia.
  • Dione – A Greek-origin name believed to be the name of Aphrodite’s mother
  • Amadi – An African/Arabic name for a good and praiseworthy person or being.
  • Isis – The Egyptian goddess of fertility.
  • Cleopatra – A majestic woman in ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures.
  • Kahlua – A sweet, coffee-flavored alcoholic drink that is native to Mexico.
  • Maki – The name of a delectable Japanese seafood dish that normally comes wrapped in seaweed.
  • Nova – Derived from the Latin word’ novus,’ which means new.
  • Kiira – A word used in Nordic cultures to refer to Lords of the Sun.
  • Kiyo – A Japanese word for ‘clean.’
  • Onsi – An Arabic name that means ‘one who calms the heart.’
  • Parthena – An ancient Greek word for ‘virgin.’
  • Rayna – Has several meanings across different cultures, but it’s more widely known as the Bulgarian word for ‘queen.’
  • Egypt – A North African country.
  • Sana – A feminine name of Arabic origin meaning ‘brightness.’
  • Rukiya – An Arabic word that means ‘ascend’ or ‘go high.’

Bonus Names

In case you didn’t find a suitable name, below are titles that don’t fall under any of the above categories. However, they would still be an ideal fit for any female tortoise:

  • TicTac – The name of a now-defunct paper-and-pen game, ideal for a tortoise that loves to play.
  • Thunder – A great name for a heavier tortoise, like an Aldabra.
  • Turbo – Implies that the tortoise in question has some quick feet.
  • Zippy – Another name that is perfect for speedy tortoises.
  • Speedy – Also implies swift feet.
  • Twix – A hugely popular chocolate bar.
  • Peanut – A name that would fit every smaller tortoise, regardless of age or species.
  • Goldy – This means “made of gold.”
  • Rompy – A perfect name for a younger tortoise that likes to play.
best female tortoise names

Tortoise Naming Tips

Ideally, the name you pick should be guided by its appearance and personality. You might not, for instance, give it a name like ‘Arrow’ – which implies a thin, fast object – if the pet is a sulcata.

Below is a simple naming guide that can help lead you to the perfect fit:

What Species is Your Tortoise?

Generally, smaller tortoises (like Egyptians, pancakes, and Hermann’s) fit best with appropriate “cute” names, like Peanut and Squirt.

If you have a larger tortoise, you can experiment with names like Tankie, Medusa, or Missy.

A good example is the Aldabra giant tortoise. According to Biological Sciences, the Aldabra giant tortoise can reach over 100 centimeters in carapace length.

How Old Is The Tortoise?

It may be wise to give your tortoise a name that won’t look inappropriate once the animal ages. However, you may also have a baby girl and can’t resist giving it a cute baby name.

Names like Kia, Snappy, Tiny, and Princess would fit perfectly. However, if you have an old female tortoise, consider giving her an age-appropriate name like Apollo, Queenie, or Hannah.

According to Nature Ecology & Evolution, some tortoise species can live over 100 years. This means you can change your pet’s name depending on her stage in life.

For instance, a baby girl named Snappy can become ‘Snapper,’ while ‘Princess’ could be changed to ‘Queen,’ and so on.

What is Her Personality?

According to the National Library of Medicine, tortoises have unique personalities independent of sex or environmental setting.

So, deciding on a name for your female tortoise is as easy as looking at her behavior. If she is shy or reserved, names like Modesta, Tacita, Placida, and Chica make more sense.

If she’s the opposite, you may consider names like Storm, Rio, and Rebel.

Does She Have Any Unique Features or Characteristics?

If your tortoise has unique features, you can give her a name that reflects this. For instance, if she’s always making little noises, you can name her like Birdie or Kiwi.

If she has a butterfly pattern like some Hermann’s and Greeks, calling her Butterfly or Tigress would also be a fitting name. No matter your choice, one of these names should fit your tortoise perfectly.