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do tortoises smell bad?

Do Tortoises Smell As Pets?

People often wonder if tortoises are smelly pets. In truth, tortoises are mostly odorless, which makes them ideal in this regard. Foul smells only become an issue if the tortoise […]

do tortoises need calcium?

How To Give Tortoises Calcium

Tortoises need calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 (from the sun’s rays or artificial UV lighting) for strong bones, healthy shells, muscle and nerve function, hormone production, and metabolism. Tortoises are […]

can tortoises be neutered?

Can You Spay or Neuter A Tortoise?

Spaying or neutering a pet prevents unwanted breeding, reduces the likelihood of certain cancers, and limits more aggressive behaviors. However, tortoises vastly differ from the average cat or dog, leaving […]