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can tortoises eat meat?

Can My Tortoise Eat Meat?

Most tortoises are herbivores, subsisting on a diet of vegetables, flowers, weeds, fruits, and other plants. There are no carnivorous species of tortoise, but some exist as omnivores, which means […]

how do tortoises eat with no teeth?

Why Don’t Tortoises Have Teeth?

Tortoises can bite, munch, and pull things around with their mouths. This implies using teeth, which most animals possess, but tortoises have a different anatomy. Instead of teeth, tortoises have […]

why is my tortoise not moving?

Why Doesn’t My Tortoise Move?

Tortoises are slow and sluggish, but that doesn’t mean they should rarely move. Tortoises enjoy climbing objects, exploring their tanks, and wandering from one place to the next. They’ll dig […]