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can you feed tortoises pumpkin?

Can Tortoises Eat Pumpkin?

Despite common misconceptions, pumpkins aren’t vegetables but fruits. Botanically speaking, this is because they contain seeds from the plant’s flowers. In addition to being a type of squash, pumpkins also […]

why do tortoises walk so slow?

Why Are Tortoises So Slow?

Tortoises are infamously slow, with pop culture, documentaries, and children’s stories making it the creatures’ most well-known trait. Despite appearing as a disadvantage, there are genuine evolutionary benefits to the […]

can tortoises be out in the sun?

Do Tortoises Need Direct Sunlight?

As cold-blooded reptiles, tortoises rely on external heat to regulate their internal temperatures. This usually comes from exposure to direct sunlight. Tortoises rely on UVB rays, basking for hours at […]