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what is a tortoises favorite food?

What Do Tortoises Love To Eat?

Tortoises like flavorful, colorful, and nutritious meals. Wild tortoises forage for hours during the day, seeking out weeds, grasses, flowers, leafy greens, fruits, insects, slugs, and even animal carcasses. Tortoises’ […]

how much weight can a tortoise shell withstand?

How Strong Is A Tortoise Shell?

Tortoise shells have evolved to be very strong over the millennia, protecting them from predators and extreme weather. The shell is resilient against fractures, weight, falls, attacks, and bites. According […]

how to take care of a horsefield tortoise

How To Care for A Horsefield Tortoise

Horsefield tortoises (also called Russian tortoises, central Asian tortoises, steppe tortoises, four-toed tortoises, and Afghan tortoises) are part of a group called Mediterranean tortoises. They’re desirable due to their small […]