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100 Best Male Tortoise Names (with Meanings)

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Samantha Harris

Choosing a fitting name for a boy tortoise can be challenging if your new pet has no physical characteristics or features that make it immediately stand out.

That doesn’t mean you should settle for a generic name. With research, you can find a good name for a male tortoise that’ll always make you smile.

You can draw inspiration from many sources when choosing a suitable name. These include cartoon and film characters, video games, and objects around you.

Good Names for Male Tortoises

Male tortoises have many characteristics that set them apart from females. For instance, they are generally stockier and shorter when compared to their female counterparts.

According to Herpetological Monographs, male tortoises tend to be more aggressive and territorial than females. Therefore, when choosing a befitting name for your male tortoise, you can pick one that reflects these traits.

Here are suitable names you can give your male tortoise:

  • Rufus – It means “read head.” It is a perfect name for a red-footed pet tortoise.
  • Toby – Short for “Tobias,” which means “God is good.”
  • Scooter -This is a fitting name if your tortoise tends to behave erratically.
  • Vlad – It means “Prince.” If you consider your tortoise royalty, this might be a good name.
  • Skipper – A goofy name for a pet tort that displays leadership qualities.
  • Turbo – A name that denotes speed, which is ideal if your tortoise tends to be quick on its feet.
  • Max – Short for Maximillian, which means “the greatest.”
  • Cooper – A popular English name that works well for male and female tortoises.
  • Hank – An American name that means “ruler of the home.” It is ideal for bigger or dominant torts.
  • Cesar – Another titular name that projects royalty and power.
  • Jumpy – A pleasant name for a youthful, unsettled, unrelated, or playful tort.
  • Ranger – A fitting name if your tortoise displays “hunter” traits.
  • Brody – An uncommon yet adorable name for a male tortoise. Ideal for those who are looking for rare pet names.
  • Malcolm – A warm and affable name popularized by Malcolm X.
  • Cody – An English name that means “helpful.”
  • Leo – A good name for a brave tortoise. It is particularly ideal for first-born males who are overly aggressive and territorial.
  • Duke – A name that denotes nobility and class.
  • Cosmo – This is a cool name for a baby tortoise.
  • Zeke – Short for the Biblical name “Ezekiel,” which means “God strengthens.”
  • Tyson – Ideal for a strong, big, and aggressive tortoise.
  • Bolt – An appropriate name if your tortoise is fast in its activities. For example, it might be fast at climbing, walking, or eating.

Unique Male Tortoise Names

Many characteristics make tortoises unique from other creatures. Their most recognizable features are their shells, which serve as a protective casing for their bodies.

According to a Paleontological Journal, the basic symmetry of the scutes on tortoise shells is formed during the embryonic stage of development. Tortoises are also remarkably slow and sluggish, making them interesting to watch.

If you’re wondering what to call your tortoise, you can draw inspiration from these traits to pick a unique name that matches the nature and personality of your pet.

Here are exotic names you can choose for your male tortoise:

  • Tristan – It means “king.” It is an excellent name for a pet tort that exhibits leadership qualities.
  • Hermes – A Greek name meaning “messenger of the Gods.”
  • Racer – A humorous name for a tortoise that likes to move fast.
  • Tank – An appropriate name for tortoises that are well-built physically.
  • Mustafa – An Arabic name that means “chosen.”
  • Chewie – A nice name for tortoises that tend to chew.
  • Lickety Split – Another quirky name for a fast pet tortoise.
  • Tyrell – It means “stubborn.” It is a popular name in the Scandinavian region.
  • Jazz – Short for Jasper, which means “treasurer.”
  • Morgan – A common Welsh name for boys.
  • Mills – A popular surname in England.
  • Nobert – A cute name for younger tortoises.
  • Finnegan – A common Irish name that means “fair.”
  • Sheldon – An Old English name that means “steep valley.”
  • Reece – A good name for a tortoise that is always enthusiastic and lively.
  • Sherman – If you have an older tort in your cage, consider naming Sherman.
  • Napoleon – An instantly recognizable name made popular by the 19th-century French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Troy – A popular name that means “foot soldier.”
  • Sebastian – A Latin name with Greek origins.
  • Turner – An appropriate name for a tortoise that tends to be active most of the time.
  • Ace – Short for “Horace.”
  • Adrian – A Latin name that means “rich.”
  • Charlie – A pet name derived from the English name “Charles.” Popularized by the kid’s classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
  • Scrappy – A fitting name for a determined or aggressive tortoise. For instance, if you notice your tort can trees, walls, or fences, you may name it Scrappy.
  • Parker – A common English name that means “keeper of parks.”
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Cute Names for Male Tortoises

Few pets are as adorable as tortoises. After all, their cuteness is one of the reasons why they’re so popular with many pet enthusiasts today. So, it does not hurt to pick a cute name to reflect your pet’s irresistible looks.

Here is a selection of some delightful titles you can choose from:

  • Cupid – This might be an ideal name if your tortoise makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Tuna – A rare name for a tortoise that is fast and energized.
  • Cuddles – A good name for an affectionate tortoise.
  • Ginger – Another cute name for a red-footed tortoise.
  • Flippy – An adorable name for a young and hyperactive tortoise.
  • Oscar – A charming name for a tortoise that is sweet and pleasant.
  • Pipsy – A humorous name if your tortoise likes to follow you around.
  • Snoopy – A funny name for a fun-loving tort.
  • Beakers – A cute name for a tortoise that has a prominent beak.
  • Leroy – A French name that means “king.” It is ideal for elderly male torts.
  • Pooch – A name for dogs, but it works well for tortoises.
  • Waffles – A cute name for an intelligent and lively tortoise.
  • Fergus – A good name for a strong and masculine tortoise.
  • Flower – A great name for a young and fragile tort
  • Marshmallow – An adorable name for a shy tortoise.
  • Nugget – A fitting name for a small tortoise.
  • Bagel – Another cute name for a charming tort.
  • Pebbles – A cute name for tiny tortoises.
  • Stinky – A funny name for a smelly tort.
  • Puffy – A humorous name for a big-bodied tortoise.
  • Soup – An adorable name for a tortoise that is playful and cuddly.
  • Wooly – A fitting name for an older and less energetic pet tort.

Funny Male Tortoise Names

Despite their calm and laid-back demeanor, tortoises can be hilarious, especially when digging or trying to scale over barriers.

Here are some funny name ideas for your male tortoise to match its humorous side:

  • Chunk – A rare name with Bantu origins. It means “Gift of God.”
  • Butters – A good name for a soft and sentimental tortoise.
  • Slowpoke – A funny name for a lumbering tortoise.
  • Voldetort – A wordplay of Voldemort (a famous character from the Harry Potter franchise).
  • Speedy – A fitting name for a tortoise that is quick on its feet.
  • Mase – A simple and easy-to-pronounce name.
  • Rocky – A nice name if you consider the tortoise brave or dominant.
  • Nitro – A popular name that denotes speed. It is ideal for hyperactive torts.
  • Skippy – A name that means “shipmaster.”
  • Thor – The Norse god of thunder, popularized by “Thor” from the “Avengers” Franchise.
  • Mr. Humps – An apt name if your tortoise has prominent scutes that stand out.
  • Squirtle – A humorous name for a tortoise that tends to pee a lot.
  • Poptart – An adorable name for a young male tort.
  • Dumbletort – Wordplay of the name Dumbledore, another Harry Potter character.
  • Sporty – Another fitting name for a hyperactive pet tort.
  • Pokey – A humorous name that is appropriate for a laid-back tortoise.
  • Kitkat – A popular candy bar.
  • Woodsy – An old-fashioned name for an expressive tortoise.
  • Waddles – A cute name for a tortoise that walks humorously.
  • Nugget – A good name for a small-bodied tortoise.
  • Oakley – A rare but cute unisex name for a baby tort.
  • Patches – An informal American name that means “noble.”
  • Rebel – An apt name if your tortoise tends to be defiant most of the time.

Cartoon and Disney-Inspired Male Tortoise Names

If you’re looking for a cartoon-inspired tortoise name, there are plenty of ideas that you can draw from. 

Below are some of the most popular cinematic, TV, and video game characters you can choose from. However, it’s important to note that not all names are derived from tortoise characters or tortoise-inspired films.

These names can work well for your tortoise:

  • Toby – A titular character in Disney’s retelling of ‘The Tortoise and The Hare.’
  • Mickey – One of the characters from Mickey Mouse.
  • Frollo – A well-dressed but scary character from Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Jeremiah – A character from “The Muppets” known for being senile and absent-minded.
  • Grumpy –  A funny character from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Scuttle – From the Little Mermaid.
  • Merryweather – A character from The Sleeping Beauty.
  • Mushu – Inspired by the adventure film Mulan.
  • Facilier – A villain in the comic show ‘The Princes and the Frog.’

Choosing a tortoise’s name is part of inviting it into the family. No matter your choice, one of the above titles will make your new tortoise into a new family member.