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how much weight can a tortoise shell withstand?

How Strong Is A Tortoise Shell?

A tortoise’s shell has evolved over the millennia to be incredibly strong, protecting them from predators and is resilient against fractures, heavy weights, attacks, and bites. Even if the shell […]

are tortoises safe from foxes?

Are Foxes A Danger To Tortoises?

Foxes are cunning apex predators with sharp teeth, a dexterous body, slender snouts, and claws. Hungry foxes, especially new mothers, are persistent and deadly hunters, while tortoises are slow, docile, […]

do any tortoises swim?

Why Can’t Tortoises Swim?

Tortoises are land reptiles and can’t swim. This might seem odd since turtles can swim and look similar to tortoises. However, the two have fundamental differences in their habitats, physiology, […]

why do tortoises get worms?

How To Tell If A Tortoise Has Worms

Every tortoise carries worms. However, if a tortoise’s natural immunity is compromised, perhaps by stress, hibernation, or sickness, these parasites could adversely affect its health. You can tell your tortoise […]