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what is a tortoises favorite food?

What Do Tortoises Love To Eat?

Tortoises like variety and color in their meals. Wild tortoises forage for hours throughout the day, seeking out weeds, flowers, leafy greens, and grasses. Their meals will change from day […]

are tortoises allowed spinach?

Is Spinach Good For Tortoises?

Tortoises need a diet that mostly consists of grasses, leafy greens, and vegetables. Spinach seems like a natural choice since it’s a favorite leafy green among humans. Spinach is high […]

can I give my tortoise banana?

Can I Feed My Tortoise Banana?

Tortoises have been found to choose the bright yellow coloring of a banana over other treats. So, we know that tortoises like bananas., but that doesn’t mean all tortoises should […]

do tortoises need entertainment?

Do Tortoises Need Enrichment?

Many owners assume that, since tortoises are slow-moving, they don’t need to play. However, tortoises need entertainment for exercise and mental stimulation. Tortoises get bored, aggressive, and depressed when they […]

is my tortoise stressed?

Do Tortoises Get Stressed?

Tortoises are normally calm and easy-going animals. They’re not high maintenance or difficult to please, and they require little handling to remain in a good mood. A tortoise is stressed […]