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tortoise mouth rot treatment

How To Treat Mouth Rot in Tortoises

Tortoises naturally have bacteria in their mouths, which is a harmonious relationship until their immune system ceases to function efficiently. A virus, fungus, or bacterial infection can overwhelm the tortoise, […]

why do tortoises get worms?

How To Tell If A Tortoise Has Worms

Every tortoise carries worms. However, if a tortoise’s natural immunity is compromised by stress, hibernation, or sickness, these parasites could adversely affect its health. You can tell your tortoise has […]

what is a tortoises favorite food?

What Do Tortoises Love To Eat?

Tortoises like variety and color in their meals. Wild tortoises forage for hours throughout the day, seeking out weeds, flowers, leafy greens, and grasses. Their meals will change daily, and […]